Lulu B? Lulu Santos becomes Cardi B in music video and web approves: “What a hymn”

The singer posted a video on his Twitter with only his face on the singer's body. The images are from the clip Wap, by Cardi B and Normani.

Lulu B or Cardi Santos? Lulu Santos wanted to incorporate the American singer Cardi B into the Wap video, released last week and published a video that caused an uproar among followers on Twitter of the singer.

In the images published on Twitter, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Normani appear with the face of Lulu Santos. The video is minimally funny. Look:

The followers, of course, were ecstatic with the post, which already collects more than 1,700 likes on the social network.

“Genial Lulu”, commented a follower. "I love you, Lulu, you are awesome," said another. “Luuuuuulu help, what an icon”, fired another.

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