In 2 Simple Methods Learn How To Text Someone From A Computer

In this article, we are discussing some helpful ways that would allow you to send text messages from your computer to your phone or anyone else's phone by using a messaging program.

You can now consider yourself one of those lucky people who learn something new every day; be proud of yourself since you've come across our informational post.

Let's get started and save you precious time. In this post, we will mention two simple methods about how to text someone with a computer. We wish you a happy learning.

The 1st method: Using An Email

An easy way that most of us know about it. If you have no Google account, create one, then open your Gmail and compose a new message. At the beginning of the address, enter the desired telephone number. For example, (333)333-9876 would be [email protected]. As you know, every service has a specific domain; Pick up the right domain of the needed service and add it to the address. Let's say you are using Verizon service, its domain is ( (SMS) OR (MMS)). Now, if you apply this to the previous address, it will be like ([email protected]) in case you are sending a text message only. If you are sending an image, it would be ([email protected]). Complete your message and click on SEND. Simple, right?

The 2nd method: Using A Messaging Application

I think some of you have heard of many messaging apps that recently emerged like TextSanity as well as many other old messaging programs like Skype. Firstly, select the appropriate app and download it. If you're using iPhone, you already have iMessage installed, but if you are an Android user, you can use Talk (recently known as Hangouts). These applications and programs will enable you to send out text messages to your customers and clients on several platforms very easily.

Now, you need to use the same program on your computer, and don't forget to sign in using your Google Account or any other platforms.

You can select the desired customer from the shown list and send out a message to it, you can simply test that by sending a message to yourself from your computer to your iPhone or Android-based phone.

We are pleased to write this post and share it with you; we hope you enjoyed reading it also.

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