10 Tips for Starting a Business with 0 Budget

Beyond these considerations, it is quite possible to create a small business project with 0 €.

Do you want to get started in entrepreneurship but do not have a budget? Today it is possible to start an independent activity, without being rich.

However, think about the few administrative costs (a hundred euros) and the fact that you will not be able to pay yourself a salary immediately.

Beyond these considerations, it is quite possible to create a small business project with 0 €.

Keep your day job

Many people decide to quit their jobs when their first idea is born. It is especially observed for people stuck in a job that they are not passionate about. However, starting a business can be a long and expensive process.

My Advice

The right attitude to adopt is therefore that of developing your business while continuing to work in parallel.
This will help you hold on financially and provide you with a lifeline if your business development doesn't go so well. Of course, you can always quit your job if all goes well, it's your choice.

Favor a sector with little need for equipment

If you don't have the money, you won't be able to invest in merchandise or equipment. Forget about selling products, unless you decide to create e-commerce in dropshipping. There, you won't need to buy any stock and you can work from home.

Otherwise, choose instead:

Service provision
Business support

Trying to create value right away
When you start with 0 budget, you better be sure of your business model. Unless you have an unlimited financial reserve, there will come a time when the fridge will need to be stocked. In this case, it is recommended to start a business that you can start on your own, that stands out and brings real added value.

Yes, it is not obvious, but it is possible!


Recycle your equipment
You surely have the necessary equipment to start your activity. You don't have to buy a MacBook Pro, the latest smartphone, or a new generation tablet right away.

Your current desktop computer, as well as your one-year-old smartphone, will be more than enough for:

Create your site
Call prospects
Send e-mails
Manage your social networks ...
In case you need to purchase some gear, look on Le Bon Coin or go to second-hand stores. Now is not the time to dip into your small savings.

Work from home
No need to immediately want a beautifully illuminated sign in front of a room located on the Champs-Élysées. If possible, set up a professional corner in your living room, with a small desk and a few bins for your papers to answer freelance assignments.

Think about it
If you want to work outside, find out about coworking spaces or use the bars with Wi-Fi, they will only cost you the price of consumption. There is bound to be one near you.

Start with the micro-enterprise status
To start an activity with a 0 euro budget, the status of micro-enterprise, formerly self-employed, turns out to be a good solution. You can start with 0 capital, you only pay social contributions if you have turnover and no accountant is required.


The advantage of starting with 0 budget, and therefore 0 loan or investor, is freedom! It is therefore the perfect opportunity to train and specialize. Take time to amplify your knowledge and update yourself on trends in your business.

Know it
The time spent training will pay off in the long run. Prospects will trust you more if you have the training and never forget that the more qualified you are, the more your hourly rate can be revised upwards.

Ask your family and/or spouse for a helping hand
The behavior of those close to you when you announce your intention to start your business is often unpredictable. You might be surprised by their desire to help you. Above all, do not be prayed for!

You will have to be on all fronts to develop your business, you might as well take advantage of the help of your spouse, your retired dad, or your cousin who already has experience in entrepreneurship.

Explore your network
Beyond your skills to bring together to develop your business, you need to expand your network! To do this, start by exploring your own (friends, family, etc.).

freelance network
Here are some tips to help you grow your network:

Join an online community
Join communities that you can join to meet like-minded people about the entrepreneurial world.

In addition, joining this type of group can also provide you with valuable information about your potential customers in the future.

Develop a partnership with other companies

Did you know?
Many companies are looking for connections with people like you. You just have to reach out.
The most important thing is to find an agreement that coincides with your professional interests. For example, you can get a sponsored blog post in exchange for which you will help your supplier promote their brand using your skills.

Attend events and conferences
Beyond the Internet, you can attend events related to your business to meet new people and expand your network. Maybe you will meet potential investors!

My advice
Prepare your business cards beforehand to be ready to distribute them.

Look for financing options
Here is a list of potential investors to be interested:

Family and friends
Present your idea to them!

Do not forget!
You do not ask for charity from people close to you. You are going to make a formal business presentation from a company that has a detailed plan, so have faith in yourself!
Local government offices and non-profit organizations
It is not easy to find a business grant and apply for one. You have a lot of competition and you have to meet many criteria.

However, when you answer one of them, you can potentially get enough funds to start your business on great terms.

Finally, there is crowdfunding. This method involves presenting your business idea online and having it funded by several people through donations. In return, you can give them a relative advantage in the amount they have invested.

We never said it was easy to start a business with $ 0 capital. However, with a little mischief and recycling (very trendy!), You can start your business and reap your first profits. All you have to do is reinvest them in customer acquisition and then obtain state-of-the-art equipment, a suitable office and why not, the development of additional services.

What advice (s) would you give to a freelancer who wants to start without a budget?

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